Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calendar Girl

Lumampas ka na sa kalendaryo. ["Your age is past the number of days in a month."]

I am past that age where I can still squeeze in and look pretty in a wedding gown anyway. It really doesn't matter. As one of my bosses put it, as we age, we ought to be thankful for meaningful relationships. Friendships, for one. Family is another. Faith - and a relationship with the Higher Being - completes the triad that remains constant in our lives.

At 32, what happens next?

I like to believe that I have begun to accept that perhaps I ought to prepare myself for a lifetime without marriage or children - no matter how badly I want one. Perhaps too, I will cease to take myself too seriously. I find myself pausing to pray and praise Him for the wonders that still come my way.

At 32, I am finally home. At 32, it feels like this old girl is catching up on everything beautiful that she missed along the bumpy way. At 32, to borrow Browning, the best is yet to be!

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