Monday, August 25, 2008

'Hanggang may saysay ang kasaysayan'

Years ago, I read one column of PDI's Conrado De Quiros where said the he was asked why, despite his years, he still writes like an angry young man. (He still writes that way, thank God.)

Beyond Conspiracy: 25 Years after the Aquino Assassination, aired last night by ABS-CBN, gave us reason to stay angry. The review of the documentary by the Philippine Daily Inquirer enthused that it is informative, dramatically presented and emotionally charged.

Indeed it was. With Noel Cabangon's Hanggang Mamatay as fitting music, we saw a parade of the different players - at least the ones who are still alive - and their perceptions of the assassination. Although the documentary markedly leaning towards a partcular side, it presented as objectively as it can, views from the others.

My generation is yet to discover the Ninoy in each of us - or the Jose Burgos, or the Gabriela Silang. Still, do not write us off. Not just yet. Hopefully, after viewing, we can begin the difficult task of shaking off our collective ennui and remind ourselves that Ninoy's death gave us one genuine shot at greatness as a nation.

We will stay angry. Until when? This line in Hanggang Mamatay replies in our behalf: "hanggang may saysay ang kasaysayan."

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