Thursday, August 21, 2008

"We're not exactly strangers, you and I..."

Last month, I had my very first experience of traveling the backpackers' way. It was a route that traversed Banaue (included a hike to Batad village en route to the Teppaya Falls) in Ifugao then Bontoc (Mt. Province) then Sagada (also in Mt. Province) then Baguio City over three (3) days. I was with my Canadian friend, Ian.

On the bus to Baguio, country music played to the entire six (6) hour ride. I couldn't shake off this 1977 song by Conway Twitty, I've Already Loved You In My Mind - from where I took the title for this post.

In a world where loves and friendships seem so ephemeral, our consolation is the thought that as pilgrims - I am tempted to say backpackers - in this life, it is the minute meaningful connections that matter. We are not really strangers, dear reader. As Robert Fulghum would say, consider this a warm hello and a fervent wish that we will meet outside of blogosphere one day.

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