Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Dirge and an Ode

Using my name in the previous website was a bad call. After a while, it felt like I stood naked for all the world to see. Since the rest of me isn’t all pretty and taking cue from Radovan Karadzic, I will hide in the open.

I will henceforth write here. Some posts in the old site will also be deleted to cover up my tracks. I shall, from time to time, write in the old blog just so the rest of the world will not suspect. The links stay, friends, so we can still find our way to our little worlds.

The inspiration for the site’s name is a song aptly titled “Sometimes Sober” by Brisbane-based band The Gin Club and the by-line is from one of the band’s inspirations, the great Bob Dylan. Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone remains a personal anthem. It is a fervent wish, though, that I shall one day cease to live life like a rolling stone but until then, I will write.

Thank you for letting me tell my stories and for allowing me to likewise laugh at, cry over and learn from yours.

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